Hard evidence: The Tooth Fairy was here

Updated 1332 GMT (2132 HKT) July 26, 2013
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A lost tooth can induce panic in parents convinced they have to live up to the Pinterest version of real life. Mom of three Bunmi Laditan found herself caught in the fantasy loop -- click through to see her last-minute creations. Photo Illustration/Shutterstock
After almost forgetting the Tooth Fairy was due for a visit, Bunmi scoured her home for treats that would impress her girls and convince them a fairy nymph had stopped by in the night. Bunmi Laditan
She settled on custom-made snack mix and fairy dust. Notice the hair ties closing the bags -- a homemade touch you likely won't seen on your favorite Pinterest board. Bunmi Laditan
Bunmi used left-over wrapping paper for the finishing touch on her makeshift Tooth Fairy gifts. But she felt somethings was missing, so she took to the Internet! Bunmi Laditan
Using special software, she superimposed an image of a fairy on her home's windowsill. The children were mightily impressed when they discovered their bounty in the morning, but their mother was exhausted. Bunmi Laditan