Scores killed by flash floods in Afghanistan

Story highlights

  • More than 70 people in a district east of Kabul die, local leader says
  • Fast-moving waters wipe away villages and destroy homes
  • Other villagers lost in Nuristan and Khost provinces, government says
Flash flooding ravaged areas around Afghanistan's capital, killing more than 70 people and destroying dozens of houses, a local leader said Saturday.
Additionally, President Hamid Karzai's office said in a news release that seven others were killed in eastern Nuristan and Khost provinces due to floods.
The worst-hit area appears to have been the Sorubi district, located in Kabul province.
Fast-moving waters washed away small villages in this area, according to community leader Malek Samad. The water destroyed a hospital and its ambulance, many shops and vehicles, not to mention wiping out hundreds of cattle.
"So far, we have been able to find the dead bodies of 13 people from the Kabul River that passes through the area," Samad said. "And we are sure that the rest are all dead."