Faces of Wikimania

Updated 1532 GMT (2332 HKT) August 9, 2013
wikimania jimmy waleswikimania jimmy wales
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Jimmy Wales told the "Wikimania" conference that Wikipedia now has 8 languages with over 1 million articles. Wilfred Chan/CNN
In a presentation to a crowd of Wikimedia devotees, Wales blasted the mainstream media for covering "tabloid nonsense" and asked the crowd to help him think of a new model of journalism. Wilfred Chan/CNN
Jeromy Yu-Chan, 26, was the organizer for this year's Wikimania in Hong Kong. He says that Hong Kong's Wikipedia community is one of the youngest in the world, and is filled with energy and enthusiasm. Wilfred Chan/CNN
Silvia Stieneker of Germany runs a non-profit workshop in Berlin designed to empower women to contribute to Wikipedia. It is her first time attending a Wikimania conference. Wilfred Chan/CNN
Max Klein, from California, is giving a talk about incorporating library data into Wikipedia. Wilfred Chan/CNN
Josh Lim of the Philippines is a Wikimedia project lead interested in studying the social relations formed within the Wikipedia community. He said cultural clashes sometimes occur between different demographics of Wikipedia users. wilfred Chan/CNN
Andre Costa of Sweden is presenting a talk at Wikimania about the creation of an open database of public art in Sweden. The Wikipedia community is "very hopeful and dynamic," he said. Wilfred Chan/CNN