Ohio gun safety instructor accidentally shoots student

Story highlights

  • Michael Piemonte was in a concealed-carry class when he was shot
  • The instructor was teaching self-defense techniques went the gun went off
  • Columbus Dispatch: A sheriff's deputy described the shooting as accidental
  • Piemonte says the instructor has called him regularly to check in
Oh the irony. An Ohio man was shot in the arm. At a gun safety class.
Michael Piemonte was attending a concealed-carry class with his wife Alison in central Ohio's Fairfield County over the weekend. Such classes are required for anyone wanting carry a concealed weapon in the state.
There were 29 students in the lecture-type class, Piemonte said. He was sitting in the front row.
While the instructor was demonstrating a self-defense techniques, the gun went off.
The bullet struck Piemonte in the arm. Even he didn't realize what had happened.
"Everyone was in shock," he told CNN. "It took me a couple of seconds to realize that I had been shot."
The 26-year-old said he's in good spirits. "I'm just glad my wife did not get hit."
The instructor did not return a call for comment, but Piemonte said he has been calling him regularly to check in.
"It makes me feel good that he is so concerned," he said.
The Fairfield County sheriff's deputy who responded to the scene described the shooting as accidental, The Columbus Dispatch newspaper reported.
Piemonte doesn't have a gun yet, but was planning to get one this year. He still plans on doing so.
"It was the first time I've been shot," he said. "And hopefully the last."