Blast targets bus carrying soldiers in Yemen

 Yemeni security forces inspect a damaged military bus following a bomb blast in Sanaa on Sunday.

Story highlights

  • Explosives are planted on a bus carrying Yemeni air force personnel
  • The blast kills at least one person
  • Yemen is home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
A deadly blast rocked a bus carrying Yemeni soldiers in the capital of Sanaa on Sunday.
There were conflicting reports on the number of people killed.
Interior ministry officials initially said that 10 people had died and 14 more injured. But the defense ministry later said only one person had died and 24 others wounded.
Explosives had been planted in the rear of the bus, which was carrying air force personnel to their headquarters, the interior ministry officials said.
Yemen is home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
Offensives by the nation's army and drone attacks by the United States have reduced the terror organization's effectiveness in recent years.