Boogie night on the West Bank lands Israeli soldiers in hot water

Story highlights

  • Israeli soldiers walk into a club in flak jackets and helmets, carrying guns
  • They didn't shoot; they danced with other guys in the club
  • Young Palestinian men heaved the soldiers onto their shoulders
  • Everyone was smiling -- except for the soldiers' commanders
The city of Hebron on the West Bank has been a flashpoint of tension between Israelis and Palestinians for decades.
But you'd never know it from a video posted on YouTube, showing armed Israeli soldiers walking into a Palestinian club there this week during a wedding party.
They didn't go in shooting. And the young Palestinian men inside didn't throw a single stone or fist.
The soldiers had heard the dance music streaming out into the streets and went inside to boogie with the crowd, CNN affiliate Channel 2 reported.
The Palestinian revelers gave them a rousing welcome, heaving the soldiers up onto their shoulders, still in their flak jackets and helmets.
They raved together to the happy, pulsating rhythms of electronica, one soldier atop a Palestinian's shoulders, bouncing his assault rifle to the beat.
The soldiers walked out with smiles on their faces. But their bosses at the Israel Defense Forces weren't laughing.
"The IDF views this as a serious incident. The soldiers exposed themselves to unnecessary danger and were disciplined accordingly," it said in a statement.
The soldiers were from the elite Givati Brigade, Channel 2 reported, tasked with fighting terrorism.