British wildlife captured at its best

Story highlights

  • British Wildlife Photography Awards showcase nature's beauty
  • A photo of a surfing dolphin picture won overall prize
  • Photographs are on show in London
The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013 are celebrating the beauty of Great Britain's nature.
A photo of a dolphin surfing in the waves off Northern Ireland is this year's overall winner. Titled "In the Living Room," it was taken by photographer George Karbus, a Czech photographer who is based in Ireland.
Karbus was diving with his camera off the coast in Northern Ireland when he spotted a bottlenose dolphin. "I've had quite a few encounters with dolphins there before but that day I was just looking to capture some underwater rolling barrel shots when I got a present of this incredibly playful dolphin, which joined me for some underwater body surfing for a few waves and then left," he said of the winning picture.
"My favorite place on Earth is Ireland," he said. "After nine years of living here I still get amazed by its coastal beauty and everything it has to offer."
Other pictures include owl chicks peeking out of a tree hole, tiny fungi in front of massive trees, eerie underwater world inhabitants, and a deer in a housing estate.
The photographs are exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London until September 7. A book featuring all images from the awards will be published later in September.
The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established four years ago to recognize the talents of wildlife photographers working in Britain and raise awareness for the country's biodiversity and habitats.