Creative craftsman sticks to his giant mailbox gun

Story highlights

  • New Jersey man builds a Smith & Wesson model 11 times larger than the real thing
  • He's using it as a mailbox and hopes to drum up interest in his cabinet-making business
  • Roger Buchko to critics of his creativity: I'm "not a gun-toting nitwit or anything like that"
Roger Buchko insists he isn't angry about receiving too much junk mail.
And the Phillipsburg, New Jersey, native isn't trying to scare anybody off his front lawn. Nor does he say he's trying to send a message -- intimidating, political or otherwise.
The only thing Buchko hoped to accomplish by erecting a massive, scale-model .44 Magnum on his front lawn as a mailbox was to drum up business.
And that business of course is ... cabinet making?