Lawmaker on Kenya mall attack: We are taking action

Details reveal mall attackers' brutality
Details reveal mall attackers' brutality


    Details reveal mall attackers' brutality


Details reveal mall attackers' brutality 01:40

Story highlights

  • Lawmaker: There is no need for a U.S. travel advisory about Kenya
  • The advisory says Americans should "evaluate their personal security situation"
  • Interior minister: U.S. advisory on Kenya is "uncalled-for, unnecessary and unfriendly"
  • Authorities say 9 people tied to the mall attack are in custody
A group of Kenyan lawmakers Monday visited the mall where dozens were killed in a terrorist attack this month.
They didn't discuss what they saw inside the Westgate Shopping Mall with reporters afterward.
But a member of Parliament said one thing is clear: There's no need for a U.S. advisory warning travelers about his country.
"We believe there is absolutely no need for travel advisory so that people don't come to Kenya," Dalmas Otieno said. "9/11 did take place in America (and America) took action. We are also taking action on this one."
The September 21 attack spiraled into a four-day standoff that left at least 67 people dead and parts of the shopping center destroyed. Authorities have said there are nine people in custody in connection with the attack.
The State Department warning -- put out in July and reissued last week -- said Americans already there or planning to go there should "evaluate their personal security situation."
Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku called on Sunday for the United States to lift its advisory, describing it as "uncalled-for, unnecessary and unfriendly."
Travel advisories are counterproductive in the fight against terrorism, Lenku said.
"We cannot and shall not allow terrorists to instill fear in our people," he said.