Beyond Linsanity: Jeremy Lin, around the world and off the court

Published 1244 GMT (2044 HKT) October 2, 2013
Lin Taiwan 14/2/12Lin Taiwan 14/2/12
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NBA player Jeremy Lin shot to fame in February 2012 when he led the New York Knicks on a winning streak. Fans loved the story of an overlooked player who slept on couches and came off the bench to become a worldwide phenomenon. The former New York Knicks player appeared on front pages in Taiwan. Getty Images
Before he captured the world's attention, Lin was invited for a trip to promote Yao Ming's Yao Foundation Charity Tour in 2010. A new documentary, "Linsanity," showcases his rise to stardom: "I'm so glad we started shooting before Linsanity happened, it makes the story a lot more complete," Lin said. SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images
Jeremy Lin's fans held signs during the New York Knicks-Washington Wizards game at Verizon Center in Washington in February 2012. Getty Images
"Linsanity" inspired countless puns on the basketball star's last name. "I think success can be toxic, if it's not handled the right way," Lin said. "It can be very difficult and it can change people." Getty Images
Lin, right, held a basketball clinic with young players in Taiwan in 2012. Lin remains one of few Asian-Americans in the NBA, and the first American of Taiwanese descent to play in the league. Chiang Ying-ying/AP
Lin makes noodles with children as he visits the Prince of Peace Children's Home and Children's Rehabilitation Center in Tianjin, China, in August. Lin said he would like to do Christian missionary work or nonprofit work when he's through playing basketball. STRinger/AFP/Getty Images
A child at Prince of Peace Children's Home gave Lin a birthday gift; the NBA star, who turned 25 in August, was visiting for a three-day basketball camp in Beijing. STRinger/AFP/Getty Images
Lin led a session during a basketball camp in Beijing on August 25. It's important to understand your abilities, Lin said, but "you can also understand that it's a team game and that no man is above another person." Andy Wong/AP
Lin, now a player for the the Houston Rockets, posed for photos with fans while visiting southwestern China on August 30. Eric Marrapodi/CNN
Lin poses with a giant panda as he visits the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China on August 29. "I'm always trying to have a good time, joking around, goofy," he said. "I think I try not to take anything really too seriously." STRinger/AFP/Getty Images