Seal gives shark the slip in great white photo

A seal narrowly escapes the jaws of a great white shark in this photo taken off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.

Story highlights

  • Photographer captures seal balancing on shark's nose
  • "This seal was one lucky pup," David "Baz" Jenkins tells Caters News Agency
  • Jenkins' website struggled to keep up after media picked up on the image
Wildlife photographer David "Baz" Jenkins seems to have a knack for photographing great white sharks.
His website is filled with pictures of the fearsome predators leaping from the sea and devouring seals.
But a photo Jenkins took during a July shark-watching cruise in South Africa is garnering the Irish photographer so much attention that his website was having trouble keeping up Wednesday after numerous media outlets published his shots.
One photo shows a seal seemingly balanced on the tip of the rising shark's mouth, moments away from becoming a meal. Later photos in the series show the seal twisting away and escaping as the giant shark's jaws snap shut.
"This seal was one lucky pup," Jenkins told Caters News Agency.
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CNN Explains: Shark attacks


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The seal was among a group returning to Seal Island off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, after feeding when the shark struck, he said.
"The breaching sharks are amazing, the speed and agility just takes your breath away as they can explode from below without warning," he told Caters.