CNN Student News - October 23, 2013

CNN Student News - 10/23/13
CNN Student News - 10/23/13


    CNN Student News - 10/23/13


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October 23, 2013
The U.S. economy leads off Wednesday's program, as we examine some economic indicators and hear how Americans think the economy is doing. After a report on the spread of wildfires in Australia, we consider how an invasive species of fish is affecting some Atlantic Ocean ecosystems. Plus, we explore a company's plan to let people invest in their favorite athletes.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
What might be the pros and cons of using a news report to gauge the state of the national economy? How might such a report compare and contrast to one on your local economy?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. economic indicator
2. invasive species
3. investment risk
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. What different reports were released regarding the U.S. economy? How did Americans respond to a poll on the economy?
2. What weather conditions are conducive to widespread wildfires in Australia?
3. Describe the "athlete investment" program described in the report.
Discussion Questions:
1. What are some ways in which the national economy might have an impact on a local economy, and vice versa? How can you tell how well your local economy is doing? What media would you use to find this information?
2. What factors do you think led to the population explosion of lionfish in the Atlantic Ocean? What unique challenges might exist when trying to control the population of an invasive species that lives in the ocean?
3. What might be the pros and cons of investing in a professional athlete, using the program described in the show? What might be the benefits and drawbacks for the athlete? Would you consider investing in an athlete? If so, what information would you use to determine if an athlete is a good investment? If not, why not?
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