CNN Student News - October 30, 2013

CNN Student News - 10/30/13
CNN Student News - 10/30/13


    CNN Student News - 10/30/13


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October 30, 2013
How did President Vladimir Putin respond to concerns about a controversial Russian law's possible impact on the 2014 Winter Olympics? Why is a U.S. senator planning to block White House nominations? Which continents are connected by a new, undersea railway tunnel? Get all the answers in Wednesday's edition of CNN Student News!
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
When might a statement by a world leader make international news? What criteria might news producers use in deciding whether to cover it?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. advice and consent
2. Silk Road
3. vital signs
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. How does "advice and consent" apply in the U.S. government? What action is a U.S. senator threatening to take regarding presidential nominees? Why?
2. Why was a tunnel built under the Bosphorus Strait? According to the report, what features of this tunnel help reduce the effects of seismic activity?
3. How does the trauma patient simulator seen in the video work?
Discussion Questions:
1. Do you think that the controversy surrounding Russia's anti-gay propaganda law will have an impact on the 2014 Winter Olympic Games? Why or why not?
2. Why do you think the U.S. Founding Fathers gave the Senate oversight of presidential appointments? What differing perspectives might people have on a senator's plans regarding Senate confirmation hearings? What is your opinion?
3. In what ways might the medical simulation seen in the report be similar to a real-life situation? How might it be different? Can you think of other fields in which a real-time simulator might be useful?
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