Tunisia Fast Facts

(CNN)Here's a look at Tunisia, a country in northern African. Tunisia borders Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea.

About Tunisia

(from the CIA World Factbook)
Area: 163,610 sq km, slightly larger than the US state of Georgia
    Population: 11,811,335 (July 2021 est.)
      Median age: 32.7 years
      Capital: Tunis
      Ethnic groups: Arab 98%, European 1%, Jewish and other 1%
      Religion: Sunni Muslim 99.1%, other 1% (includes Christian, Jewish, Shia Muslim and Baha'i)
      Unemployment: 15.5% (2017 est.)

      Other Facts

      Tunisia is predominantly Sunni Muslim.
      Women in Tunisia enjoy some of the greatest rights and freedoms in the Arab world.
      Tunisia's 2011 mass popular uprising, dubbed the "Jasmine Revolution," gave rise to the Arab Spring, the grass-roots movement that toppled autocratic leaders and promoted freedom and democracy across the Arabic-speaking region in North Africa and the Middle East.
      Tunisia is one of the countries impacted by the migrant crisis, which has seen unprecedented numbers of people trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean since 2015. Tunisia is often used as a starting point by migrants, who often make the journey in overcrowded, makeshift boats.


      1574 - The Ottoman Empire takes control of Tunisia.
      1881 - Tunisia becomes a French protectorate.
      1955 - France allows Tunisia some self-governance.
      March 2