Speed of Sight

Published 1042 GMT (1842 HKT) October 31, 2013
Mike Newman boatMike Newman boat
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Mike Newman broke the blind land speed record by driving at an average speed of 186mph in September 2013. On November 1 he will try to break the blind water record in a powerboat off the English coast. Speed of Sight
Newman, 52, was born with glaucoma and lost his sight at the age of eight. Newman drove a Porsche GT2 to break the record of Turkish pop star Metin Senturk, who managed speeds of 182 mph driving a Ferarri F430 in 2010. Speed of Sight
Newman was directed around the track at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire, England, via radio link by his stepfather Michael who is a driving instructor. Speed of Sight
Newman's dog Baxter will be on hand once again as his owner goes in search of that elusive third and final record. Speed of Sight