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Updated 1335 GMT (2135 HKT) March 9, 2016
India vendor smartphone Scenes from the fieldIndia vendor smartphone Scenes from the field
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INDIA: "An elderly street vendor in New Delhi is seen talking on a smartphone. Home to a population of almost 1.3 billion people, India is already the world¹s third largest market for smartphones." - CNN's Harmeet Singh @harmeetshahsingh. Harmeet Singh/CNN
JAPAN: Neon Madness! Robot Restaurant in Tokyo's Shinjuku Kabukicho district. Photo by CNN's Will Ripley @willripleycnn. Will Ripley/CNN
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: "This is not an easy gig. Washing windows by hand in Abu Dhabi. All 90 floors." - CNN's Jon Jensen @jonjensencnn. Jon Jensen/CNN
MCB CAMP PENDLETON, CALIFORNIA: "During the crucible they only get 3 meals over the 54 hours and 2 periods of 4-hour sleep sessions. The rest of the time are constant physical and mental challenges, culminating in an 8-mile hike up 'the reaper,' where they officially become Marines at the top of the mountain." - CNN's Samantha Bresnahan @instasam22. Sam Bresnahan/CNN
ICELAND: Located in a lava field, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. Photo by CNN's Christian Streib @christianstreibcnn. Christian Streib/CNN
CUBA: "A horse drawn carriage in Cienfuegos travels past a billboard calling for an end to US sanctions on the island. Cuban government propaganda still paints the US as a hostile force but officials here have said they welcome President Obama's visit to the island next month. Almost every Cuban I know is excited for the long delayed thaw in relations that is happening before their very eyes." - CNN's Patrick Oppmann @cubareporter. Patrick Oppmann/CNN
LEBANON: Beirut's river of garbage... The country cancelled plans to export its trash to Russia last week, sending Beirut's six-month garbage crisis back to square one with rubbish piling up in the streets, riverbeds and countryside. Photo by CNN's Mohammed Tawfeeq @mtawfeeq, February 24. Mohammed Tawfeeq/CNN
HONG KONG: Hong Kong is looking a little brighter these days with 25,000 LED roses "planted" along its waterfront. Each rose consists of an LED light encased in seven layers of waterproof petals. The art installation marks the first overseas stop of a world tour of Light Rose Garden, by South Korean creative agency Pancom. Photo by CNN's Brad Olson @cnnbrad, February 22. Brad Olson/CNN
HONG KONG: "Goldfish seller bagging his wares in preparation for the evening rush hour. Goldfish have been around for about 1500 years and are considered to have been domesticated in the Song Dynasty around 1000 years ago. They are said to bring luck and so are very popular among Chinese people, who place great value on being lucky (who doesn't)." - CNN's Brad Olson @cnnbrad. Brad Olson/CNN
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: "Even if nobody else loves me, I can take comfort in the fact that camels do." - CNN's Nicol Nicolson @nicolnic. Nicol Nicolson/CNN
PARIS: Eagles of Death Metal founders Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes ahead of the band's return to the stage in Paris, three months after the Paris attacks left 89 of their "friends" dead at the Bataclan. "It's much more than just a show," says Hughes. Photo by CNN's Bryony Jones @bryonysjones, February 16. Bryony Jones/CNN
MEXICO: "A little chapel to Our Lady of Guadalupe is lit at an empty taxi stand in Mexico City. She is the patron saint of Mexico and one of the most revered saints in Latin America." - CNN's Miguel Castro @sambassando. Miguel Castro/CNN
CUBA: Waiting for ballet class in Centro Habana. Photo by CNN's Patrick Oppmann @cubareporter, February 13. Patrick Oppmann/CNN
MEXICO: Sister Cindy from Lima, Peru is filming her visit to Mexico -- following the Pope. She will sing with her band before the mass in Juarez. "I told my community back home my challenge will be to get a selfie with Pope Francis", she giggles. Photo by CNN's Miguel Castro @sambassando, February 11. Miguel Castro/CNN
SYRIA: A portrait of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad lies in a burnt our building used by government forces in the Old Town of Aleppo. Photo by CNN's Fred Pleitgen @fpleitgencnn. Fred Pleitgen/CNN
NEW HAMPSHIRE: "Sophie the dog has given up on staying up late for the first vote in the New Hampshire Primary. In the background you can see the ballot box for the town of Dixville Notch. Voting starts at midnight and wraps up pretty quick -- after all -- 9 people get to vote in this town." - CNN's Khalil Abdallah @madcameraman, February 8. Khalil Abdallah/CNN
TANZANIA: A curious onlooker at Kariakoo market in Dar es Salaam. Photo by CNN's Gisella Deputato @gisellacnn. Gisella Deputato/CNN
HONG KONG: "Burning incense at Wong Tai Sin temple. People want good luck for the new year and this is where they come to get it." - CNN's Brad Olson @cnnbrad, February 3. Brad Olson/CNN
EGYPT: Annie Sultan is Egypt's rising belly dance star. The former professional ballerina wants to revive the golden age of the dance. But she struggles with Egyptian society's perception of her new found profession. Photo by Dana Smillie @danasmillie for CNN. Dana Smillie for CNN
AUSTRALIA: "It was early 2010 when we first met Novak Djokovic for CNN Open Court. Tonight he wins the Australian Open for a 6th time and still is a pure classy gentleman. Two hours after winning, he still sits and talks to journalist after journalist, each time answering every question with enthusiasm and honesty. Congrats Novak...hope there are more to come." - CNN's Paul Devitt @devocnn, January 31. Paul Devitt/CNN
IRAN: Students from the Meygoon Ice-Climbing School use ice axes to climb a frozen waterfall. Photo by CNN's Fred Pleitgen @fpleitgencnn. Fred Pleitgen/CNN
CHINA: "Chinese longshoremen berthing a monster container ship the 'Benjamin Franklin'. She carries close to 18000 containers. If you laid that many out end to end it would stretch 68 miles, about 100 km. It's loading up with stuff in the Port of Xiamen and will head to Los Angles. It will be the biggest container ship to dock in the US." - CNN's Brad Olson @cnnbrad, January 30. Brad Olson/CNN
NORWAY: "Sometimes the world just gives you a little pinch...Photo shot whilst reporting on the 'Arctic asylum' route, where refugees are using Norway's remote border with Russia as a staging post into Europe." - CNN's Joe Sheffer @joesheffer. Joe Sheffer/CNN