Earth, wind and water: Ethiopia bids to be Africa’s powerhouse

Story highlights

Ethiopia is launching numerous renewable energy projects

Ashegoda Wind Farm will be one of continent's biggest

Grand Renaissance Dam could generate 6,000 MW of electricity

Ethiopia plans to export energy to neighboring countries

CNN  — 

Ethiopia is turning to renewable energy technology as the East African country looks to become a powerhouse for its regional partners.

Last month, Ethiopia launched one of the continent’s largest wind farms in a bid to rapidly boost its generating capacity over the next three to five years.

The Ashegoda Wind Farm and the Grand Renaissance Dam, under construction on the Nile, are just two of the major projects outlined in the Ethiopian government’s five-year Growth and Transformation Plan.

Both developments will see Ethiopia’s transition into one of the regions biggest energy exporters as electric output surges from 2,000 megawatts (MW) to 10,000 MW. More than half of this is expected to come from the Renaissance Dam.

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And with further commitments to geothermal power and potential for oil exploration, Ethiopia’s energy resources are set to be among the most diversified in Africa.

Ashegoda wind farm