David Goldblatt: Photographer bears witness to Apartheid

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Story highlights

David Goldblatt is a world-renowned photographer from South Africa

He has spent 50 years visually documenting the daily life of his nation

His work presents a stark glimpse into life in South Africa through the years

Johannesburg, South Africa CNN  — 

It’s just after two o’clock in the morning and a never-ending queue of South African commuters is waiting to get onto a bus that will take them to Pretoria for work. Many are carrying blankets in the hopes of getting some much-needed rest while on the three-hour journey.

The year is 1983 and this is a “blacks only” bus, where only a lucky few will get the luxury of seating as the bus travels into the city. A single white man stands at the front of the bus watching the daily commute. His name is David Goldblatt and he’s there to capture life on film.

With a career spanning six decades, Goldblatt has become one of South Africa’s most distinguished photographers, using a lens to chronicle the growth of a nation.

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Legendary photographer's remarkable career
06:19 - Source: CNN

His work adorns museum walls in Johannesburg and crosses oceans to Melbourne, Paris and New York. Among his most celebrated collections is his documentation of Apartheid, where he became a witness to the discrimination faced in South Africa.