Photos: JFK's alleged affairs

Updated 1337 GMT (2137 HKT) March 31, 2014
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President John F. Kennedy's alleged sexual encounters with numerous women have been widely discussed and documented, though none have been acknowledged by the Kennedy family, and many of the women themselves have not commented. Here are some of the women rumored to have had a relationship with JFK, though CNN cannot independently verify whether the affairs took place. Stringer/AFP/Getty Images
Blaze Starr: The celebrated stripper told People Magazine in 1989 that she had a brief dalliance with Kennedy before he became president. Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe: The celebrated star is widely rumored to have had an affair with Kennedy. In the book "The Dark Side of Camelot" by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, Monroe is one of several women named as Kennedy mistresses. Cecil Stoughton/Bonhams/AP
Marlene Dietrich: The star's daughter, Maria Riva, published a book in 1993 saying that her mother had a quick tryst with Kennedy in the White House, as well as a long-term relationship with the president's father, Joe. PA/Christies/AP
Pamela Turnure: Turnure is rumored to have had a relationship with JFK while she was working in the White House as first lady Jacqueline Kennedy's secretary. The alleged affair was mentioned in the book "The Kennedy Half-Century" by Larry J. Sabato, and a Forbes magazine article by the same author.
Judith Exner: In an interview for a 1997 Vanity Fair article, Exner said she ended a two-year affair with Kennedy in early 1963. She also claimed she aborted his child around the same time. Exner was also known to have had links with the Mafia. Hulton Archive/Getty Image
Mimi Alford: In her 2012 book "Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath," the former White House intern detailed her alleged 18-month sexual affair with the president. courtesy Mimi Alford
Priscilla Wear: An alleged Kennedy affair with the White House secretary nicknamed "Fiddle" has been widely reported in books by Larry Sabato, Seymour Hersh and others. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
Jill Cowen: Another White House secretary, this one nicknamed "Faddle," is also widely reported to have had trysts with the president. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
Gunilla Von Post: In her memoir, "Love, Jack," the Swedish socialite chronicled what she said was a six-year relationship with Kennedy beginning in 1953. EPA/LANDOV
Mary Pinchot Meyer: The book "A Very Private Woman" by Nina Burleigh chronicled Meyer's alleged affair with JFK and her mysterious death. Meyer, who'd previously been married to a CIA agent, was shot dead one year after the president's assassination, fueling speculation that she was killed as part of a cover-up. AP