Wroclaw 'Instagramers' showcase city's most famous sites

Story highlights

  • Instagramers Wroclaw are a collective of street photographers
  • They document their city using traditional cameras and smartphones
  • The results are a stunning selection of images that reveal a different side of the Polish
In this creative age of camera phones and photo apps, what better way to learn about a city from afar than through the lenses of its eagle-eyed street photographers?
As part of CNN's On the Road Poland special, we asked Instagramers Wroclaw (a collective of photography enthusiasts with a passion for documenting their city) to show us what life is like in their home town.
The group, which has been together since April 2013, meet regularly and aim to capture the best of Wroclaw, offering insights for those who may be seeking to visit or even just learn a little more about the picturesque city in Poland's southwest.
Capturing Poland's postcard beauty
Capturing Poland's postcard beauty


    Capturing Poland's postcard beauty


Capturing Poland's postcard beauty 03:20
"We want to show (Wroclaw) from a different perspective," explained group member Marcin Walencik. "We want to show the city as it is. Real, no fakes."
From the enormous Sky Tower to the city's enchanting central square, and from the famous "Love Bridge" to the quirky gnome statuettes scattered playfully in squares and walkways around town, you can see the group's stunning results in the gallery above (and on their Instagram feed).
Instagramers Wroclaw consists of Tomasz Jakub Sysło, Malina Mituniewicz, Marek Maziarz, Marcin Walencik, Grzegorz Rajter and Joanna Witek, said group member Marcin Walencik.