What's harder to find in New York City: A great apartment or a great man?

It's easy to get excited about a New York real estate find, but crushing disappointment is common in the apartment hunt.

Story highlights

  • CNN producer Ronni Berke has written about her online dating misadventures
  • Her most recent hunt was for a great apartment to buy in New York
  • Berke says it's difficult to tell which search was more difficult: a partner or a new home
  • She found an apartment to suit her needs, but a mate has been more elusive
It was spring. I was in love. No, not with a man. But with a New York City apartment. An apartment I had yet to find. But I knew exactly what I was looking for, and exactly how it would make me feel. Like a city girl, tough and tender, coming home.
My place would be clean, bathed in sunlight, in an elegant prewar building, with a spare room for my college-age daughter. It would certainly not be fixer-upper (a "wreck," as we say around here), and would have updated plumbing and wiring. I'd walk out of there every day feeling like a character in a Woody Allen movie.
I simply couldn't live anywhere else.
Not so long ago, I wrote about a similar quest -- for a good man. That didn't quite pan out. Now, after selling my suburban Long Island house of