Photos show scale of North Korea’s repressive prison camps – Amnesty

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Amnesty: New images show new activity, including the construction of new housing blocks

The group says up to 200,000 prisoners held in infamous camp system, facing torture, rape

New images show one camp to be three times the size of Washington DC -- Amnesty

Recent United Nations inquiry highlighted "unspeakable" and "widespread" atrocities in camps

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North Korea is showing no signs of scaling back its fearsome labor camp system, with torture, starvation, rape and death a fact of life for tens of thousand of inmates, according to human rights group Amnesty International.

The rights group released satellite images, purportedly showing evidence of expansion, including the construction of new housing blocks and production facilities, at two of the isolated regime’s largest camps or “kwanliso” –15 and 16 – used to hold political prisoners.

“The gruesome reality of North Korea’s continued investment in this vast network of repression has been exposed,” said Rajiv Narayan, Amnesty International’s East Asia Researcher.

“We urge the authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all those prisoners of conscience held in political prison camps and close the camps immediately.”

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