Think clowns are creepy? This one's fantasy home might change your mind

Updated 0501 GMT (1301 HKT) December 18, 2013
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Slava Polunin tours the globe as one of the world's most famous clowns. But his home is as magical as anywhere he might have set foot on his travels. CNN
Just outside Paris, behind the fence made of cats, Slava and his wife Elena live in the expansive Moulin Jaune (Yellow Windmill). Courtesy Slava Polunin
The psychedelically decorated house is a retreat that aims to feed Polunin and his friends' creative imaginations. Courtesy Slava Polunin
Polunin calls it a place for "experiments of all types," where interaction with the material surrounding is just part of the playful experience. Courtesy Slava Polunin
Slava hosts workshops and festivals at his home, inviting creative contemporaries and young people to share in the surreal atmosphere.

Those lucky enough to be invited can see: colorful murals ...
Courtesy Slava Polunin
Sensuously curvy white rooms ... Courtesy Slava Polunin
A gigantic sci-fi chicken house? Courtesy Slava Polunin
... brought to life in the garden. CNN
A gypsy caravan for the use of writers ... CNN
... with a suitably imaginative interior. Courtesy Slava Polunin
A hand-crafted kitchen ... Courtesy Slava Polunin
... complete with French toile trinkets. Courtesy Slava Polunin
The garden includes a mobile home with a clown's face ... CNN
... and a Korean temple for "sunset fishing ceremonies" ... CNN
... and, not to forget, a gentle stream, perfect for a float on a clown's bed boat.