The crazy world of minigolf

Published 1409 GMT (2209 HKT) December 18, 2013
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Olivia Prokopova is the young star of minigolf. The Czech 18-year-old has won two Masters titles -- giving her more green jackets than Tiger Woods had at the same age. Honza Prokop
Minigolf is a popular family activity, even in the the White House -- here the Obamas take to the course in 2010. Families all over the world enjoy playing a game which gets them outdoors and, unlike conventional golf, doesn't take all day to finish. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images/file
These women are seen playing in 1930, but minigolf dates back to 1867 -- when the Royal and Ancient Golf Club sought to deter females from playing the "unladylike" full version of the game. General Photographic Agency/Getty Images/file
Minigolf courses evolved to include obstacles, and now we have fantastical structures like the Hawaiian Rumble course in Myrtle Beach, home of the smaller game's Masters. Robert Detwiler
The Hawaiian Rumbles' main attraction is a 50-foot volcano, which erupts with fire and lava every 20 minutes. Robert Detwiler
Waterfalls and palm trees also line the course, which Bob Detwiler opened in 1992. Robert Detwiler
Detwiler is pictured here with Prokopova, who won her second Masters title at his course this year. Bob Detwiler
Prokopova also won the Masters in 2012, but the previous year she was beaten in a three-hole playoff by Jay Klapper (pictured). Robert Detwiler