8 family members among 14 shot dead near Baghdad

Baghdad municipality workers clean up after a car bomb attack in downtown Baghdad, Iraq on 15 January.

Story highlights

  • 14 are found dead north of Baghdad, police say
  • They were taken by men in military uniforms, police say
  • 11 others die in shootings and blasts elsewhere
The bodies of 14 men shot dead -- and with some signs of torture -- were found in an area north of Baghdad on Thursday, police said.
The men were taken Wednesday by armed men in military uniforms who raided the mainly Sunni town of Mashahda, police said.
Iraq has been engulfed by sectarian violence for many months. According to police, eight of the men were from one family.
In other parts of the country, at least 11 people died Thursday in shootings and explosions, police said. The incidents occurred in Mosul, Ramadi, Tikrit, Baquba, as well as Baghdad, police said.
In Anbar province, to the west of Baghdad, mortar shells hit the city of Falluja on Thursday night
Details about casualties, if any, weren't immediately available.
Iraq's government has said its security forces have been fighting al Qaeda-backed militants in the city for days.