A family effort

Published 1243 GMT (2043 HKT) January 24, 2014
rose family weight loss 01rose family weight loss 01
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Gabi Rose suffered with weight problems for more than a decade before she led her family on a weight-loss journey. In 2004, the year this photo was taken, she weighed 298 pounds. She's seen here with her older son Josh, younger son Noah and daughter Rachel in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Courtesy Gabi Rose
Rose, seen here in 2005 with her son Noah and daughter Sarah, had many complications during her pregnancies. Her health problems included back and hip pain, hernias and rosacea. Courtesy Gabi Rose
The whole family, from left: Rachel, Gabi, Sarah, David, Josh, in front, and Noah. In 2005, Gabi Rose faced a turning point; she decided to change her habits after suffering a near-fatal asthma attack. Courtesy Gabi Rose
Rose visits Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park with her children in 2006. That year, she says, was when she fully began to understand the way she was supposed to eat. Courtesy Gabi Rose
With Rose's encouragement and help, her husband, David, has lost 80 pounds. Courtesy Gabi Rose
Rachel, 14, is an avid tennis player. She lost 50 pounds after her family started eating differently and exercising. Courtesy Gabi Rose
Gabi and David Rose ride a zip-line roller coaster in St. Cloud, Florida, to celebrate their weight loss. Courtesy Gabi Rose
Rose was once a size 26. She's now a size 2, having lost 168 pounds. Courtesy Gabi Rose