World's ugliest monuments

Updated 0948 GMT (1748 HKT) February 11, 2014
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To some, Tito's WWII monuments have an ugly beauty. Plamen
Wilde would presumably have had something witty to say about this well-intended but hideously executed memorial. Once he'd gotten over the shock. Alan_Stanton
"Now, that's a lot of scrap metal." Africans were unimpressed by this worryingly Teutonic, multimillion-dollar kitsch-ercise. SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty Images
"Er, Sam, I kinda think the point of Stonehenge is that it doesn't look as if was designed by an orthodontist."
A touchy subject and one unsuccessfully addressed in this lachrymose "gift" from Russia to the United States. Thanks, Vladimir! Scott Gries/Getty Images
Poor Martin Luther King seems to have been decapitated four times. What does it mean? Who cares? Just marvel at it. Jay_Smith
Right: The pope statue before people complained about the Mussolini resemblance. Left: After they "fixed" it. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images
With its mallet, scythe and pen rendered in concrete brick, this one looks like an advertising gimmick dreamed up for a bargain general goods store. Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images
This cheekily named tribute to a Turkman potentate may mark the exact point where tastelessness meets ugliness and mutates.
There are ways of commemorating a great pop music talent and then there's ... Ian Walton/Getty Images