Europe in ashes, Africa an oasis: TV show depicts immigration in reverse

Updated 1418 GMT (2218 HKT) January 27, 2014
Usoni beach boat seaUsoni beach boat sea
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Usoni is a Kenya-based futuristic TV show that imagines the reversal of immigration trends following a series of catastrophes in Europe. Courtesy Usoni
Ophelia and Ulysse are Usoni's two main characters. Set in 2063, the show depicts a Europe where the sun has disappeared. The only place there is life is Africa, and everyone is trying to get there. Courtesy Usoni
Usoni creator Marc Rigaudis, a French filmmaker and lecturer, worked with his students at the United States International University in Nairobi to create the pilot episode. Courtesy Usoni
The 30-minute episode was filmed in locations around Nairobi and Mombasa last October and November. Courtesy Usoni
"It was a very exciting idea and a story that could touch the lives of many people -- not just Africans," says Cherie Lindiwe, the 21-year-old director of Usoni. Courtesy Usoni
Overall 22 students took part in the project. "It was a nice mixture," says Rigaudis, "because we were really combining the energy, and power that the students have with my experience." Courtesy Usoni
The Usoni creator is now in talks about developing it into a full TV series and a feature film. Courtesy Usoni
The pilot episode of Usoni will have its premiere Monday at the Alliance Francase, the French cultural center in Nairobi. Courtesy Usoni
Each year, thousands of migrants set out on crammed boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea, fleeing poverty and conflict in hope of a better life. The journey is dangerous and deadly shipwrecks off the shores of Lampedusa are common. ROBERTO SALOMONE/AFP/Getty/FILE