CNN Student News - January 31, 2014

CNN Student News - 01/31/14
CNN Student News - 01/31/14


    CNN Student News - 01/31/14


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January 31, 2014
This Friday, CNN Student News is all about journeys: the nationwide one that millions of Chinese are taking for the Lunar New Year, the harrowing one that led thousands of Atlantans to abandon their cars, and the first one that a baby polar bear took in the snow. We'll also discuss a new legal development in the case of an accused terrorist, and we'll examine Super Bowl security.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
If you were reporting on a cultural tradition, what elements and perspectives would you include, and why?
Weekly Newsquiz: The following questions relate to events that were covered this week on CNN Student News. Write your answers in the space provided.
1. What major U.S. city suffered historic transportation gridlock on its roads resulting from a snow and ice storm?
2. What country experienced a revolution on January 25, 2011 that was marked with protests and celebrations this week in Tahrir Square?
3. What term refers to markets of smaller countries that are starting to grow?
4. What word, from an Old French term meaning "undertake," is a term for someone who organizes and manages a business?
5. What is the title of the annual speech given by the U.S. president before Congress?
6. What animal is associated with the Chinese New Year that begins today?
7. What organization oversees most college sports in the U.S.?
8. What war-torn country's largest city is Aleppo?
9. The Rangers are a special operations unit associated with what branch of the U.S. military?
10. What number is represented by the Roman numerals XLVIII?
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