CNN Student News - February 5, 2014

CNN Student News - 02/05/14
CNN Student News - 02/05/14


    CNN Student News - 02/05/14


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February 5, 2014
A great deal of technology goes into today's show. It's included in reports on high-speed Internet access, a massive social media company, and a proposal for cars to "talk" to one another. We also discuss yet another winter wallop for parts of the U.S., and we examine the details of an airplane that'll probably never fly.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
What elements and perspectives might make a report on technology more interesting to a young audience?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. state of emergency
2. Facebook
3. vehicle-to-vehicle technology
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. What region of the country is digging out of a record-breaking snowfall? What regions are facing a second storm? According to the video, why are some central New Jersey officials blaming the Super Bowl for hindering their ability to battle the snow?
2. What initiative regarding technology and schools did President Obama announce yesterday? Who is helping to sponsor this program? According to the video, what do some critics have to say about children and technology?
3. How old is Facebook this week? How many active monthly users does Facebook have? According to the video, how has Facebook changed the way we find and interact with each other?
4. How does the vehicle-to-vehicle technology seen in the video work? What kind of information would the cars share? According to the Department of Transportation, what impact could the technology have on car safety? How could this technology impact car prices?
Discussion Questions:
1. What do you know about the declaration of a "state of emergency"? Why might a governor declare a state of emergency? Why do you think that such a declaration can help states recover from natural disasters?
2. What are your views on Facebook? Do you think that it has had a positive or negative impact on human communication? State your rationale. In your opinion, will history put Facebook in a favorable or unfavorable light? Explain.
3. What do you think the future holds for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter?
4. How might the vehicle-to-vehicle technology seen in the video promote defensive driving? Have you ever taken a course that focuses on defensive driving? If so, share some of the tips you learned.
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