CNN Student News - February 6, 2014

CNN Student News - 02/06/14
CNN Student News - 02/06/14


    CNN Student News - 02/06/14


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February 6, 2014
You might be sitting thousands of miles away from Sochi, Russia, but today's edition of CNN Student News takes you on a tour of the Olympic city. We also examine the economic impacts that another winter blast is having on parts of the U.S., and we report on a major pharmacy's decision to get out of the cigarette business.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
How might a reporter help familiarize an audience with a little-known place? If you were a producer, what elements would you include in this kind of report?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. Olympic flame
2. the "Russian Riviera"
3. GPS
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. According to the video: What are some journalists saying about the city of Sochi's readiness for the Olympics? What are Russian authorities saying in response? Why does Sochi not appear to be the typical Winter Olympic venue?
2. Why is the Chicago restaurant in the video temporarily out of business? What other industries are suffering due to the extreme winter weather? What kinds of businesses are benefitting from it?
3. What action has CVS announced regarding tobacco products in its stores? According to the company's CEO, why is it taking this action? How could it impact the stores' revenue? What do critics have to say about this move?
4. According to the video, what is the smallest unit of time that can actually be measured? What is the lab in the video aiming to do? What is the current source for precision time? Why is the Pentagon concerned about this source?
Discussion Questions:
1. In your opinion, what should be the priorities of Sochi officials as the city prepares for the Olympics?
2. Is this winter having a negative or positive impact on any businesses in your area? Explain. In your opinion, is there anything that any of these businesses can do to "weatherproof" themselves?
3. What's your opinion of the decision by CVS not to sell tobacco products in its stores? Do you think it will hurt or benefit the business in the short and long term? Explain.
4. Why do you think that synchronization of time is so important? Besides the examples cited in the video, can you think of examples in your everyday life in which precision timekeeping is important? Explain.
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