‘Africa is the last frontier for metal’: Botswana’s metal heads still rocking

Story highlights

Botswana has a vibrant heavy metal scene

CNN wrote about the scene in 2012 - now find out what happened next

Band "Skinflint" recently toured Sweden and are recording their fifth album

"The last frontier of rock and metal music is African," says photographer Frank Marshall

CNN  — 

Botswana may not be the first country you’d associate with head banging and shredding guitar solos, but in recent years its heavy metal scene has been making a name for itself.

Back in June 2012, CNN’s Inside Africa traveled to the southern African country of Botswana to meet up with some of the country’s metal heads, and found the bands’ powerful riffs were matched by the fans’ passion – and a penchant for the old-school metal getup of leather, studs and cowboy hats.

“Metal is a music about power, independence and freedom,” said Giuseppe Sbrana, singer of local band Skinflint. “That’s what I believe in – fighting for what you believe in no matter the consequences. Standing up for what you believe in and showing individuality.”