Five of seven missing divers rescued, one body found

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  • Search and Rescue recovered the body of one of the divers Tuesday evening
  • Five rescued Japanese divers are being treated at hospitals in Bali, rescue agency says
  • Seven women were reported missing after they dived into waters off Bali on Friday
  • Fishermen found some of the women Monday and altered authorities, rescue agency says
Five of seven Japanese women who disappeared during a diving excursion off the Indonesian island of Bali last week were found alive and rescued Monday, Bali's search and rescue agency said.
Mission Coordinator Didi Hamzah confirmed Tuesday night that they had recovered the body of one of the divers.
The body was found floating at 610pm local time near Serangan Island. It was retrieved at 635pm and brought to the Bali Sangla hospital for identification.
Photos distributed by Getty Images showed the survivors being transferred from a boat to ambulances on Bali on Monday, three days after they were reported missing. The women were being treated at two Bali hospitals Monday, the rescue agency said.
Fishermen found four of the women Monday afternoon and alerted authorities, and a rescue boat was sent for them. A fifth survivor was later found in the same area, and a search and rescue helicopter picked her up, the rescue agency said.
Search and Rescue agency official Gede Surya told CNN that the five divers were found just south of Nusa Penida island. Four of them were grouped together on some rocks and the fifth was found nearby.
Five of seven missing divers rescued
Five of seven missing divers rescued


    Five of seven missing divers rescued


Five of seven missing divers rescued 00:34
"They were dehydrated and in shock but they could still speak and walk," he said.
The body of a sixth diver was found Tuesday, and the search continues for the sole missing woman, authorities said.
Japanese media reported that the woman rescued separately was instructor Saori Furukawa, who had left the group on Sunday in an attempt to hail the fishing boat for rescue.
Four of the rescued divers were taken to Sangla hospital in Bali, where psychologist Retno Kusuma told CNN they are in the same hospital room and are in "good condition mentally [and] psychologically."
She said that the group were laughing and joking, and that they will be assessed again in a few days but are currently only being treated for light burns.
The seven Japanese women -- two dive instructors and five tourists -- failed to return to the surface Friday after a dive near the Indonesian islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, just southeast of Bali.
The owner of the Bali dive company Yellow Scuba told CNN that the captain who accompanied the seven hired a Yellow Scuba boat but did not work for the company.
The captain, in a written statement given to police and published in local news reports, said the weather was good when the divers entered the water.
"But about 15 minutes later, it was cloudy. I tried to find them but my efforts produced no results," the captain's statement reads.
Heavy rains were reported in the area Friday. The period from October to April is monsoon season in Bali, which sees strong winds and bursts of heavy rain.