South Korean fishing vessel stranded in Antarctic waters, Chile says

Story highlights

  • The fishing vessel struck the ocean floor about 450 meters from the coast
  • The Chilean Navy says it's providing support to the stranded ship
  • The roughly 90 crew members on board are in good health, it says
A South Korean-flagged fishing vessel has become stranded in Antarctic waters with about 90 crew members on board, the Chilean Navy said.
The ship, the Kwang Ja Ho, hit the ocean floor Monday about 450 meters from the coast, the navy said in a statement.
The navy said it is providing support while it waits for the stranded ship's owner to coordinate a rescue plan.
The crew members on board the grounded ship seem to be in good health, according to the navy's statement.
In December, a Russian-flagged research vessel, the MV Akadmik Shokalskiy, made international headlines when it got trapped in unusually deep ice near Antarctica.
The passengers on board that ship -- including scientists, journalists and tourists -- were eventually airlifted onto another ship that took them to an Australian port.