CNN Student News - February 28, 2014

CNN Student News - 02/28/14
CNN Student News - 02/28/14


    CNN Student News - 02/28/14


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February 28, 2014
Friday's show begins in Ukraine, a nation where rapid changes could indicate an uncertain future. We also define and depict a dangerous ice jam, and we look into what changes the FDA is proposing regarding food labels. We also consider whether celebrities have significant influence when they visit Capitol Hill.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
Do you think that a celebrity endorsement has an impact on a message? Explain. To what degree, if any, do you think the celebrity's credibility on the topic matters?
Weekly Newsquiz: The following questions relate to events that were covered this week on CNN Student News. Write your answers in the space provided.
1. What country's athletes won the most overall medals and the most gold medals in this year's Winter Olympics?
2. What is the current federal minimum wage in the U.S.?
3. What region of southern Ukraine largely supports the country's ousted president and closer ties with Russia?
4. Who is the current U.S. Secretary of Defense?
5. In what Chinese capital city have residents recently experienced record smog levels?
6. The word "ocular" refers to which of your senses?
7. A California 7th grader has invented a printer that uses LEGOs to print in what universal language?
8. What is the only South American country whose official language is Portuguese?
9. In what country, currently led by Hamid Karzai, are 33,000 U.S. troops supporting a war that began in 2001?
10. In what famous building would you find the Brumidi Corridors, the Hall of Columns and the Crypt?
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