Key trends from the world's biggest mobile technology show

Story highlights

  • Connecting the two-thirds of the world without access to the internet is a major theme in Barcelona
  • The recent trend for the use of smartwatches and fitness trackers looks set to go into overdrive
  • From now on, if your device doesn't have a 5-inch screen (or bigger), you're out of date. Findlater says
  • The future holds developments in tactile feedback, augmented reality, and multiple screens, he predicts
Mobile World Congress spans the full spectrum of untethered gadgetry, from the next generation of mobile phone networks to wireless charging technology.
But it's always the consumer technology that's the star. We asked Stuff Magazine Editor-in-Chief Will Findlater to analyze the top trends from the show.
Trend 1: Getting the whole world connnected
Mark Zuckerberg used his keynote address to wax lyrical about, "a global partnership dedicated to making internet access available to the two-thirds of the world not yet connected."
By striking deals with telecommunications companies in emerging markets, plans to get basic web services - weather reports, Wikipedia, messaging and Facebook (naturally,) to people at no cost, in the hope that it will inspire them to explore the rest of the web and reap the benefits that it can provide. And there was plenty of hardware at MWC that should help along the way.
Will Findlater
Given the deep relationship with Microsoft, many were surprised to see Nokia's mobile division adopt Android for its new devices