Worst grammar and spelling fails

Updated 1250 GMT (2050 HKT) March 3, 2016
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"Come on. No one from the writer to the person who took the order to the printer to the installer to the customers noticed this word was misspelled?" asks Neil Levin, who spotted this misspelled sign with a handful of punctuation mistakes in New York. P. S.: One exclamation mark is enough! Click through for more submissions from sharp-eyed readers. Courtesy Neil Levin
Julie Robertson's daughter had an internship at a professional office last summer, but she wasn't enjoying it much. That is until she spotted this spelling fail. "Why would you label a very common object?" asked Robertson. "Obviously someone took the time to make a label." Score one point for the intern. Courtesy Julie Robertson
How many errors do you see? This is at the Nevada, Missouri, fairground ball fields where Terri Fallin's son plays baseball. "I want to sneak in at night with paint to make corrections. ... I offered money to personally have new signage, with no luck." Courtesy Terri Fallin
"Several mental images came to mind, none very appetizing," when Robert Tanner saw this sign for "figure licking" food at a restaurant on Chatham Bay, Union Island, in the Grenadines. Courtesy Robert Tanner
"Start the new? Start the new what? Alaskain Slamon? Is this a World of Warcraft character? I wanted to go in and say, 'I'm here to start the new, and I'd like to start it with your Alaskain Slamon,' " said KC Thornton, an English professor who was thoroughly amused by this sign in Valdosta, Georgia. Courtesy KC Thornton
"Don't leave your vehicle Un-At-Ted-N'-Ded here! Yet, if you do, you can choose DAY or NIGHT! You decide when you want to be prosecuted!" Thornton found this sign in the parking lot of a convenience store chain in Waycross, Georgia. Courtesy KC Thornton
Thornton keeps a collection of misspellings, miscommunications and all-around English language misses. Courtesy KC Thornton
Come right in ... to the neighborhood BABER SHOP! Courtesy Kate VanHook
What is allowed in a "parting" lot? Kate VanHook in Orlando says she's "confused and amazed at how official signs for businesses, streets, products, etc. make it past quality control." Courtesy Kate VanHook
Debbie Kuhlmann laughed when she spotted this sign next to a fountain in Kingston, Washington. " 'Off' is the wrong preposition for this sign, unless people were walking on the water in the fountain," she said. "Grammar reveals your level of competence and your attention to detail." Courtesy Debbie Kuhlmann
"Mmmm ... Thank God, because I'm starving!" thought Katie Hunt after stopping at this gas station in Hopedale, Massachusetts. "Each of the four pumps at this gas station had a handwritten sign with the same spelling error, which made it all the more funny," she said. Jokes aside, Hunt says she gives people leeway with their grammar. "I'm sure I make mistakes myself and don't pretend to be perfect." Courtesy Katie Hunt
Marie Sager was hiking in Sai Yok National Park in Thailand when she spotted this grammar error. "I smiled as I knew it was just a human error," she said. Poor grammar and usage don't really bother her, as traveling has taught her that communication is more important than proper grammar. Courtesy Marie Sager
Much to the chagrin of her children, Lorri Thrower got out of her car and stopped to take a photo of this painted sign in a Chicago parking lot. The teacher admits that bad grammar drives her "crazy." Courtesy Lorri Thrower