Behold! The new Keurig 2.0 machine.

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In the fall, Keurig plans to release their new 2.0 brewing system

The new systems will use Digital Rights Management technology

TreeHouse Foods Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Keurig's parent company

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I use a Keurig coffee machine at home because I’m lazy. And, quite frankly, don’t feel like I’ve really done my duty to God and country until I’ve added a little something to the landfill.

“Here ya go, America. Have another K-Cup. Go Braves.”

Though, to be fair, I do actually use 97% biodegradable French roast OneCups from San Francisco Bay, a brand of the Rogers Family Company out of Lincoln, California.

Mind you, I use these OneCups not so much for environmental reasons, but because the price is right and I quite like the taste.

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So hold your praise. I’m still a delightfully lousy, wasteful human being.

However, my day-to-day brand of single-serve coffee may soon be a thing of the past, because this fall Keurig plans to launch a new system that will use DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. It