'The Bachelorette': What we can expect from Andi Dorfman

After participating in the 2014 season of "The Bachelor," Andi Dorfman was named ABC's new "Bachelorette."

Story highlights

  • Andi Dorfman is the new "Bachelorette"
  • Some people are thrilled with the pick, while others aren't so sure
  • The author believes she'll bring some normalcy to the series
Juan Pablo's time as "The Bachelor" has finally come to a close, and despite the season's weird and fairly unsatisfactory ending, it actually provided us with a few solid "Bachelorette" options.
If I'm being honest, my first choice for the next "Bachelorette" was single mother Renee, a.k.a. the most refreshingly normal "Bachelor" contestant in the show's history. But after she revealed her current "situation" of happiness during the "Women Tell All" special, I jumped to my second choice: Andi.
That being said, I also would've watched a season that followed the adventures of Kelly and Molly, and after last night's finale, I actually wouldn't mind watching Clare search for love. (Yes, I said it.) And lastly, Sharleen is just so weird that I'd watch her season as well.
But as we all learned last night, Andi Dorfman is the lucky lady about to embark on her own adventure to find love (and a worthwhile visit to the fantasy suite). Some people love the choice — me — and others hate it. Then there are those who just don't know what to expect. Here's how I think Andi's season will unfold (and why it will be entertaining to watch):
Ali, meet DeAnna: For starters, if I had to compare Andi to previous "Bachelorettes," I'd say we can expect something along the lines of a mix between Ali Fedotowsky and DeAnna Pappas. Andi is smart, and she seems to have her feet planted firmly on the ground. Most importantly, she's also very strong. Honestly, leaving Juan Pablo post-fantasy suite is one of the reasons I like her so much. She knows what she wants, or at least what she doesn't want, and she's not hesitant to act on that.
I keep thinking back to that time Ali all but chased Jonathan down until he would confront her about having a girlfriend back home. Ali wasn't taking any crap, and I think Andi will approach this season in the same way.
No more drama (for the most part): From what we've seen of Andi's fun side, she's got a great sense of humor. What I liked most about her relationship with Juan Pablo early on was how they made fun of each other. And we can also assess her personality from the fact that all the women in the house seemed to love her. The only drama surrounding Andi involved her decision to leave, which was valid.
Papa Dorfman for the win: But let's not forget the thing that's going to play a big role in her season: Her father. Confession time? I love Andi's dad. He was the perfect mix of total softie and tough guy. I cannot wait for Andi to introduce these new fellas to her family.
Andi-isms: Looking back on Juan Pablo's season, I love that Andi was the girl who brought a one-piece to the house. She's also the girl who brought Juan Pablo to a shooting range. No matter what, she's going to be herself, and she genuinely doesn't seem to be on television for the press — she's an attorney, for goodness sake.
Horrible dancing: You know that some guy is going to make her dance with him, and we all know how awful (yet charming) that will be.
Honestly, I think Andi is the type of person I would be friends with. I think she's relatively easygoing, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching her facial expressions when, inevitably, some guy tries to win her over with a cheesy line or a striptease or something.
All in all, I foresee it being a normal, perfectly pleasant season ... so long as she doesn't slowly start offending the entire country with off-camera conversations.