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CNN Student News - 03/24/14
CNN Student News - 03/24/14


    CNN Student News - 03/24/14


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March 24, 2014
President Obama is covering a lot of ground and serious subjects on an overseas trip. Today, we'll take a map-filled trek through his itinerary. Also: Will Scotland once again become an independent nation? And if so, how could that affect the Union Jack? We'll explore the possibilities, and we'll bring you a Character Study of a baseball player who helped save an umpire's life.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
What sources might you consult if you wanted to see what issues were most important to leaders of countries outside your own?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. landslide
2. Union Jack
3. CPR
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. Where is President Obama heading on his latest trip outside the U.S.? What are some of the issues that will be discussed in meetings there? Why might it be difficult to convince some European leaders to support further sanctions on Russia's government? With whom is the president meeting in Rome?
2. Where is Scotland? What major issue will the people of Scotland decide in six months? What are some of the arguments for and against secession? If Scotland votes for independence from the UK, how might it affect the economies of Scotland and Great Britain? What is the Union Jack? How might a vote for independence affect this symbol on the British flag? What did respondents to a recent survey decide? Why do some say that the flag wouldn't change at all?
3. What kind of natural disaster struck two towns in the state of Washington on Saturday? What conditions prompted these events? What challenges are rescuers facing?
4. What did Alex Norwood do when he saw an umpire having a medical emergency on the field? What did his coach have to say about what Alex did? What does Alex think of the action he took?
Discussion Questions:
1. How do you think that President Obama prepares for meetings with other heads of state? Who do you think helps him to prepare for these meetings? What is diplomacy? How is high-level diplomacy, like a presidential visit, an important part of a country's foreign policy? What, if anything, do you think such visits accomplish?
2. What do you think is gained and lost when voters choose to create a new, independent country? What challenges might come with forming a new government and protecting the new country? What steps might the new leaders take to encourage their country's success?
3. What is CPR? Have you ever taken a CPR training class? If so, do you think you'd be able to use it if it were needed to save a life? If you have never taken a CPR class, is this something you'd ever like to learn? Why or why not?
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