Hollywood's religious revival

Updated 1854 GMT (0254 HKT) January 3, 2015
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Christian Bale plays Moses in the new film version of the Bible's Book of Exodus. Directed by Ridley Scott, some critics say the movie "whitewashes" the Bible. Twentieth Century Fox
Australian actor Joel Hedgerton plays the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses in the new movie "Exodus." Historians have debated the racial makeup of ancient Egyptians for 200 years, but in the new film they are almost all white. Twentieth Century Fox Film
Dar Salim, shown here pointing, was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and is one of the few actors of Middle East descent in the new biblical epic "Exodus." Kerry Brown/Twentieth Century Fox Film
Patricia Heaton, right, stars in a new Christian comedy "Moms' Night Out," about a trio of moms out on the town. Sony Affirm/Saeed Adyani
Greg Kinnear and Connor Corum star in "Heaven is For Real," a film based on a best-selling book penned by a Christian pastor. Allen Fraser/Sony Pictures
Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe star in "Noah," a $130 million biblical epic. Niko Tavernise/paramount pictures
Diogo Morgado plays Jesus in "Son of God," which opened in February. Joe Alblas/LightWorkers Media/Hearst Productions
Kevin Sorbo stars in the sleeper hit "God's Not Dead." Pure Flix
"Mary, Mother of Christ," is being billed as a prequel to 2004's "The Passion of the Christ," the controversial film by Mel Gibson. aloe entertainment