World's most expensive places to rent

Updated 1841 GMT (0241 HKT) April 3, 2014
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Monte Carlo, Monaco, is the most expensive city in the world to rent an apartment, according to Global Property Guide. The average rent there, in U.S. dollars, is $10,099 a month for an apartment that is 120 square meters (about 1,292 square feet). Click through the gallery to see other expensive locations on the list. Shutterstock
London: $6,856 Shutterstock
New York City: $6,553 Shutterstock
Tokyo: $6,341 Shutterstock
Moscow: $6,277 VvoeVale/Getty images
Hong Kong: $6,198 Shutterstock
Bermuda: $5,597 Arthur Tilley/Getty Images
Paris: $5,501 Shutterstock
Geneva, Switzerland: $4,737 Shutterstock
Singapore: $4,276 LeoCH Studio/Getty Images
Sydney: $3,472 Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Kiev, Ukraine: $3,443 Andriy Prokopenko/Getty Images
Helsinki, Finland: $3,320 Shutterstock
Tel Aviv, Israel: $3,280 Shutterstock
Amsterdam, Netherlands: $3,246 Shutterstock
Rome: $3,208 Shutterstock
Tortola, British Virgin Islands: $3,071 Richard Cummins/Getty Images
Auckland, New Zealand: $3,052 Jakich/Getty Images
Toronto: $3,047 Shutterstock
Grand Cayman: $3,018 Lonely Planet Images/Getty