Transnistria: A land in limbo

Published 2013 GMT (0413 HKT) April 10, 2014
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Former Transnistria President Igor Smirnov, wearing the light gray suit, attends Independence Day celebrations in Tiraspol, Transnistria, on September 2, 2009. Transnistria is a breakaway state, recognized by no sovereign nation. Sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, it's only a little larger than Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. Chiara Diomede
People watch the Transnistrian army and police during a parade in Tiraspol in 2009. Chiara Diomede
Transnistrian army and police are seen during the parade in 2009. Transnistria split from Moldova, a former Soviet republic, in a two-year war that erupted as the Soviet Union fell apart. The Russians stepped in to back Transnistria but never recognized it as an independent state.  Chiara Diomede
A woman films a scene from "Tea in the Morning," a show on state television in Transnistria. Chiara Diomede
Children form a line as they attend a classical dance lesson in Tiraspol in 2009. Chiara Diomede
Children dance together during the lesson.  Chiara Diomede
Workers for the Kvint company produce cognac and wine at a Tiraspol facility in 2009. Chiara Diomede
A child enjoys a Transnistrian playground. Chiara Diomede
A child poses for a photo at a farm in 2009. Chiara Diomede
Sunbathers enjoy warm weather in Dnestrovsc, Transnistria, in 2009.  Chiara Diomede
Children are seen at a Transnistrian orphanage in 2009. Chiara Diomede
A young girl plays in a backyard in 2009. Chiara Diomede
A scene from a Tiraspol nightclub in 2009. Chiara Diomede
Young people dance in Tiraspol in 2009. Chiara Diomede
An altar is seen along a road in Transnistria in 2009. Chiara Diomede
A young girl is on board a train from Moscow to Tiraspol in 2009.  Chiara Diomede