'An African City' Web series generates buzz, dismantles stereotypes

"An African City" tells the  story of five accomplished women who've returned to their native Ghana after living overseas.

Story highlights

  • Creator Nicole Amarteifio sets her story in Accra, Ghana
  • She says she wanted to create a narrative "of beauty, glamor and intelligence"
  • Amarteifio says she was inspired as she watched re-runs of "Sex and the City"
  • She wanted the show to tell the stories of not just Ghana, but Africa as well

(CNN)The new Web series "An African City" is fun, trendy and over the top.

It's also breaking taboos, dismantling stereotypes and creating major buzz in the continent.
    Set in Ghana, the series focuses on five glamorous young women who've returned to Accra after living abroad for years. They navigate the chaotic world of love, adventure and careers -- all while trying to reconnect with their bustling capital in spiky heels and fabulous clothes.
    Fans describe it as the African version of "Sex and the City," a comparison that show creator Nicole Amarteifio readily welcomes.
    CNN caught up with Amarteifio to find out more about the series and what inspired the former expatriate to do it. And the story closely mirrors hers.
    Nana Mensah (left) plays a Harvard graduate who returns to Accra to work at a prominent bank. She's good friends with MaameYaa Boafo.
    Born in Ghana, her family fled to London in the 1980s to escape a coup. They later relocated to the United States, where she grew up before packing up her bags recently and returning home.
    "I always dreamed of Ghana; Ghana was where I wanted to be," she says. "Ghana had color, it had potential, it had opportunity."
    MaameYaa Boafo's character is a Columbia University graduate who returns to Ghana after years in New York.