CNN Student News - April 30, 2014

CNN Student News - 04/30/14
CNN Student News - 04/30/14


    CNN Student News - 04/30/14


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April 30, 2014
Another round of severe weather strikes the U.S., concerns are voiced about whether Rio de Janeiro will be ready for the 2016 Olympics, and a British cancer patient turns his bucket list into a list of ways he's helped others. We also visit a Mexican resort town, and we'll show you what's likely the cutest antelope you've ever seen.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
What might be the pros and cons of getting vacation information from the destination's tourism website? Where might you go for additional information?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. International Olympic Committee (IOC)
2. tourism
3. "bucket list"
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. About how many people in the U.S. were under the threat of severe weather yesterday? What states were hit by suspected tornadoes? What aspects of forecasting and communication are helping to save lives during tornado season? What challenges to dealing with these storms still exist?
2. What city is the site of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games? According to the head of the International Olympic Committee, is the city on track to be ready for this event? Explain. How has the city's mayor responded to this claim?
3. Where is Puerto Vallarta located? What are some of the challenges this resort has faced in recent years? According to its tourism director, how was Puerto Vallarta's tourism industry affected by these challenges? What are some of the things the resort is doing to try to lure tourists back? How do officials respond to the reports of drug violence in the country?
4. Who is Stephen Sutton? What are some of the items on his bucket list? What did he do with the money people contributed to help complete the list? What organization is he trying to help? How much money has he raised for this cause? How has the bucket list changed his life? What does Sutton say he'd like others to get from his story?
Discussion Questions:
1. What kinds of preparation do you think are necessary for a city planning to host an international event like the Olympics? Who would need to be involved in these plans? What measures do you think event officials might use to determine if a city were making adequate progress in its preparation?
2. What are some factors you consider when choosing where to go on vacation? How much do you think about your personal safety when traveling? Do you take any precautions to protect yourself and your property while on vacation? Explain. What are some measures you could take to enhance your personal safety while still having a good time?
3. What is your reaction to Stephen Sutton's story? What do you think others can learn from him? How might a person fighting a serious illness teach others how not to take life for granted? Do you know of anyone who is inspirational in this regard?
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