Dining and drinking in Russia

Updated 2113 GMT (0513 HKT) May 8, 2014
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Anthony Bourdain dines at CoCoCo in St. Petersburg, Russia. The restaurant, owned by musician Sergey Shnurov and wife Matilda, sources its ingredients from local farmers. "Farm-to-table in Russia? Organic? Local? Why, yes. There are those who are trying," Bourdain says. David S. Holloway/CNN
Chef Igor Grishechkin created the menu for CoCoCo. Here, he serves beef sirloin, roasted onions and beetroot in a kvass (a type of fermented beverage) sauce. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain samples CoCoCo's homemade infused vodka, which changes seasonally. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain meets with openly gay artist and filmmaker Ksenia Krabrykh (right) at a local St. Petersburg bar to discuss the current status of LGBT rights in Russia. (Dasha, left, is Bourdain's local "fixer.") David S. Holloway/CNN
In Pavlovsk, a small St. Petersburg suburb, Bourdain visits the country home of Sergey Gutzait, a friend of Vladimir Putin and owner of the VIP-friendly Podvorye restaurant. David S. Holloway/CNN
Gutzait serves kebabs to Bourdain as they chew over the contentious aspects of Russian President Putin. David S. Holloway/CNN