6 common mistakes new runners make

Remember: Every runner was once a beginner.

Story highlights

  • When starting to run, don't do too much too soon
  • You need to take rest days
  • Make sure you have the right gear

Running is a great way to get in shape and just about everyone can do it. You don't need access to a fancy gym, expensive equipment, or other people to do the workout. You can simply throw on your sneakers and head out the door for a run. Easy as that!

Given that it's so easy to take up the sport, a lot of beginners jump right into running without actually knowing what it takes to establish a healthy routine. Many make a number of common mistakes, which can interfere with training or lead to injury. If you're just starting out, keep these things in mind to help you increase your chances of running success.

    Doing too much too soon

    One of the biggest mistakes newbie runners make is doing too much too soon. Picking up a new hobby like running is no doubt exciting, but novice runners need to ease into the sport by building up a mileage base before increasing the distance, intensity, and frequency of their runs. Slowly easing into a training program will help reduce the risk of injury, so you can continue on with your new running routine. Many experts suggest increasing your mileage by no more than 10% each week.

    Not taking rest days

    Beginners might think they need to run every day (or nearly every day) to meet their fitness or weight-loss goals, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Running is a high-impact activity which can be really hard on your body, especially for novice runners whose muscles and bones haven't yet been conditioned for such intense exercise. So it's important to give your body ample rest between workouts. Follow a training plan that includes rest days.

    Not wearing the right gear

    While it may be true that you don't need expensive equipment to take up running, it's important that you wear proper gear for your workouts. The most important piece of equipment for running is a good pair of running shoes, so be sure to do some research before