10 gadget gifts for Father's Day

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  • Here are 10 gadget-gift suggestions for tech-savvy dads
  • Even if dad has the basics covered, there's still plenty to choose from
  • Let us know your gadget gift ideas in the comments
At this point, dad's already got his smartphone, a tablet and a couple of laptops, if you include the chunky old one collecting dust in the closet.
He's decided whether he's a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii guy -- or maybe he has all three -- and can argue Kindle vs. Nook with the best of them.
So, with Father's Day coming up on Sunday, what do you do for the tech-savvy dad in your life?
Even if he's got all the basics covered, there are still plenty of gadgets out there that will make your favorite father smile.
Those smartphones need to be protected and made pretty, right? Gaming rigs need peripherals. And who doesn't need a gadget to fiddle with while they're charging their other gadgets?
And, yes, if you absolutely must buy dad a tie for Father's Day, we've included one of those as well.
We hope you'll find something on this list that he might enjoy. Happy shopping, and if you have any gadget gift ideas of your own, share with us in the comments.