File: Mohammed Badie, center, leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, addresses supporters in Cairo in July 2013. An Egyptian court upheld the death sentences against Badie and 182 of the Brotherhood's supporters on Saturday.

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Muslim Brotherhood leader is among those charged

The incident in question occurred last year after sit-ins were dispersed

The verdicts can still be appealed

CNN  — 

An Egyptian court upheld the death sentences against Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 182 of the group’s supporters Saturday.

They were among hundreds of people found guilty in April of taking part in a deadly attack on a police station last year.

The incident occurred after sit-ins supporting deposed President Mohamed Morsy at squares in Cairo were broken up.

“Of 683 defendants in the case, 183 were sentenced to death, four were sentenced to life imprisonment and 496 defendants were acquitted,” at Minya Criminal Court, state-run Ahram Online reported.

Defense lawyer Ahmed Shabeeb confirmed the upholding of the 183 death sentences to CNN.

The men can appeal the verdicts to a higher court.

Badie and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders face other death penalty charges in other attacks as well.

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