Qantas airliner springs a leak, douses passengers

'River' flows through plane aisle
'River' flows through plane aisle


    'River' flows through plane aisle


'River' flows through plane aisle 01:33

Story highlights

  • Qantas flight turns back to Los Angeles after water pipe starts leaking
  • Passengers were never in any danger, airline says
  • Officials are talking with Airbus to get the leak fixed
If you've ever traveled by air, you've probably gotten soaked on an airline ticket. But not like this.
Qantas Airlines Flight 94 to Melbourne had to turn back to Los Angeles about an hour into its trip Wednesday morning when a water pipe started leaking on the upper deck of the plane, according to Australia's Channel Seven Network.
The jet is an Airbus A380, the world's only complete double-decker airplane.
Video from the network showed water running down the aisle of the plane.
The water made its way through the floor and showered economy-class passengers below, the network reported.
Crew members moved passengers and gave them blankets to stay dry, the airline said in a statement.
Qantas said the passengers were never in any danger, and they're being put up in hotels while the airline talks to the plane's manufacturer, Airbus, about what might have caused the situation.